Poppies Cafe & Bistro is open from 10 AM every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are currently running a daily changing menu consisting of a range of homemade loveliness including breakfasts, light lunches, main meals, cakes and desserts. Please check out today's menu here:

Food costs - Once again we find ourselves amongst tricky times, where every corner of life is feeling the burn of rising prices. We have always prided ourselves with our mentality of fairness, honesty and respect. So, in an attempt to counter rising costs we continue to purchase responsibly and locally but have moved to a daily change of menus to try and keep our prices down for our customers yet maintaining our valued support to our local suppliers:

Artwork - Poppies Cafe & Bistro Supports our local artists by displaying and donating original pieces and prints. Follow this link for more:

Green thinking - We are committed to playing our part in the collective responsibility of all to reduce waste and protect our home. We do this by, buying responsibly from reputable organisations with a similar environmental ethos, we use only compo-stable packaging for our products, recycle as much as humanly possible including composting compo-stable food waste, selling used fat for bio-diesel and recycling all packaging.

If you would like more information about our menus and services please follow the links below: